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Top 5 Travel Tips While Riding RV

There has been an increase in RV enthusiasts riding in many byways and highways today. It is, therefore, important to be conversant with the best RV travel tips. How will one achieve top fun from this? Here are the best you can ever think of.

1. Have a pre-drive safety check

RV Driving TipsIt’s crucial to avoid accidents when driving RVs. It involves simple aspects that may be of great help. Make sure you have a pre-drive check by ensuring the doors are shut and latched, tow bar and safety cables are in good shape, look for fluid leaks among other possible glitches.

2. Take it easy on brakes

RV brake systems differ from ordinary cars. They use air brakes rather than standard hydraulic brake systems. This means that when applying brakes, the impact may take longer to occur. Drivers have to be keen to ensure they implement the breaking force gently and consistently. Most importantly, do not apply rushed forces that might cause abrupt stops.

3. Assess your height

rv guideIt sounds simple, but it works. It would be appropriate to go for a recreational vehicle that suits one’s height. We are referring to feet-pedal length and head length. Typical environments involved with these rides include hitting bumps, driving on rough surfaces, etc.

4. Communicate with other motorists

As a driver have a routine to use signals. Other required measures while driving includes keeping proper distances with other motorists among other important ones. All other driving safety rules shouldn’t be left out of this either.

5. Put S.A.F.E into consideration when turning

Most of RVs come with additional weights, lengths, and heights. These are major determinants that should be considered when negotiating corners. Embrace the S.A.F.E rule to be on the right track. Here is what it entails:

  • Slow down on turns.
  • Arc gently to have soft turns.
  • Elegant turn.
  • Experience is necessary.

Recreational Vehicles can be used to achieve maximum fun. It’s all about doing it right. In a question of what the best RV riding tips are, the above list has the most reliable ones.

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